McGinn hit the 1st ever HR for the Montreal Expos
by olson (2020-06-12 10:30:17)
Edited on 2020-06-12 12:48:08

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Former ND punter/QB Dan McGinn hit the very first HR in Montreal Expos history - off Tom Seaver no less!! Discussed in link below.

At one point, the ND Baseball Media guide erroneously claimed this was the first regular season HR hit outside the United States...but the HR was hit at Shea Stadium (Queens NY)

Also in the link below:

McGinn had signed a conference letter of intent with Nebraska before flipping to ND...Nebraska coach Bob Devaney wasn't pleased...

Yes, Ken Plesha did just fine after his short pro baseball career...I think a ball field/playground was named in his honor for all his great community work...

the initial post was intended for White Sox fans who may not realize Johnny Bench was available...of course, every other MLB team had a shot at Bench too...since he lasted until the 2nd rd...