One is bad character and the other is cheating
by Btd (2023-03-12 18:22:08)

In reply to: That's fair criticism and you may be right. Still one is  posted by Domerduck

The kid showed bad character. The umpire cheated. He knowingly and willingly cheated by calling a ball a strike in retaliation for the kid showing bad character. The suspension isn’t long enough. It should have been season ending at minimum. No umpire can ever - for any reason - knowingly make a wrong call. Ever. Period. Zero debate. Zero room for any umpire like that to exist in the sport.

In addition, the umpire should be fined and forced to return the money paid for that game. He was not paid to intentionally call balls a strike.

There is a gigantic difference between making a mistake, calling what you think happened - but actually were wrong, and intentionally making the wrong call.