It’s an essential step to a lofty goal
by Thesixthgreatlake (2023-03-24 22:26:13)
Edited on 2023-03-24 22:28:50

In reply to: Without Jack Findlay pitching  posted by ndgotrobbedin97

This probably isn’t a tournament team and, especially given the state of the ACC, wasn’t with Jarrett. It’s also not a doormat in a tough league like the Aoki years.

This is a decent, young team with one great arm. The rest is TBD but there’s potential. Stealing a game today without having to go to Findlay (and blowing his start) is a step on the path to the bubble. Winning tough series and sweeping bad teams is how you become an at-large. It can’t be overstated how important today (and games like this all year) was. We lost this same game to GT last Friday.

In college baseball, absent an offense even our best teams never had, success requires 2.5 stud weekend guys and a rubber-armed mid week starter who can always beat Valpo or CMU. The offense is coming along. Not sure the starting pitching will but excited to watch.