A Scots-Irish apologizing for an off-color joke? Was it some
by Hati Hijau (2019-01-08 20:03:26)

In reply to: Apologies for the earlier off-color fellatio-themed post.  posted by scotsirish

sort of bizarre tartan plaid not fit for human eyes? Off-color is whatever the Fucking English wore when they tried to decimate and eliminate our respective heritages. As for Dabo Swinney, who cares? He can EAD if he likes, but not from under a kilt, mind you.

I like Swinney, except for the drug tests. I like that he beat Alabama, which state-wide is probably one I.Q. point better than Mississippi. I like that they kicked Alabama's ass, otherwise known as Bear Bryant. I hope Dabo stays at Clemson and continues to kick Alabama's ass, Bear Bryant's faux heritage and number of MNCs. Do I despise Alabama? Yes. Do I like Dabo Swinney? Yes. Do I apologize for off-color jokes? Hell no! Fuck the English!