Michael Bidwell is a million times better than his old man
by Del Griffith (2019-01-09 13:11:09)

In reply to: For a while it seemed like Mike Bidwill was an improvement  posted by sprack

and people here in AZ really respect and appreciate what he has done by sinking money back in to the team and facilities and community. I use to go to the cardinals games in late 80s when home on Christmas break from ND and sit in Sun Devil Stadium with 22,000 other people and watch my newly adopted pro team lose to the woeful Tampa Bay Bucs.

The team the past 11 years is light years ahead of those teams of the 80s and 90 and early 2000s. I went to both home playoff games in 2009 (2008 season) and wept when the Cardinals beat the Eagles to go to the super bowl.

I have lost no sleep over the firing of Wilks (he mentioned when he was hired that Ty Wilingham was one of his greatest influences.) I think Kingsbury is a reach and will for sure get Steve Keim fired if it doesn't work out.