I've got a friend who was an asst at MSU
by irishrock (2019-01-09 14:34:48)

In reply to: Saban works them to death  posted by Hanratty5ND

MSU did not have a bowl game and it was a recruiting dead period. Saban made all the assistant coaches come in Christmas morning at 8:00. Again, no bowl game and nothing that could be done with recruiting. Saban's excuse, "well Terry (his wife) says I drive her nuts while she's preparing Christmas dinner and wants me out of the house"

So after sitting around all morning doing nothing, at 1:30 one of the senior assistant coaches got up and told Saban, "Nick, nothing's getting done today, I'm out of here" and left. Everybody followed him out.

My buddy was one of the guys that stuck around with Bobby Williams when Saban took the LSU job and sent the university jet to East Lansing with an offer of "anybody who wants a job at LSU has one and just has to get on the jet". Evidently, nobody got on the plane