Sounds like a great plan. I'm counting the days starting now
by SWPaDem (2019-01-10 08:18:22)

In reply to: If i go to the NM "game" I'll be bringing lobo dogs  posted by abqgant

Just the thought of tying together Bullet Bob's unfulfilled penchant for rotating tube steaks and New Mexico's devilish incarnation of same has my mouth watering already. You may want to check with AE though. He loved throwing out from to to time ketchup as the preferred hot dog condiment, I think mostly to get a rise out of all the board, grill-based foodies.

So, come next summer, we'll need an update from you on your travel plans. We're expecting that "if" changing to "when", you know. You may know that I met Denver Jim as did AE in South Florida back in early January 2013 (great memories, I think, except for that football game part); I'd just love to see the sibling interplay at work with you two after lobo dogs and Pabst. Although I will say that DJ took particular interest in my telling him of my dad being in the spirits business for Schenley Distillers back in the day.