I'm no Saints fan
by HTownND (2019-02-04 11:57:55)
Edited on 2019-02-04 11:59:52

In reply to: Saints  posted by NDFANOK57

But that was the most egregious and terrible miss in the history of the NFL in my lifetime, and it's not close.

And it 100% cost them the game.

It's a travesty and completely sullied the whole thing (to the point I was glad the Pats won).

The Saints fans have a legitimate beef, they were completely railroaded by two refs who were either incompetent or scared to make one of the easiest calls ever, and they both missed it.

The NFL can go piss on an electric fence at this point, they have a huge credibility problem.

If they don't fix the god awful officiating problem soon, this whole thing will blow up on them.

PS - I blame their continued insistence on protecting the QB (unless his name is Jared Goff, then you can level him on the sideline and it's clean good football) and changing the game has made the officials unsure of themselves, because there are so many BS rules to keep track of, they miss the obvious stuff. The NFL is heading down a very very very bad path right now.