a sore throat was a very BIG deal in the fall of 1918
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Curley Lambeau left Notre Dame to return home to Green Bay late in the fall semester of 1918, with what was later described as 'severe tonsillitis'....Lambeau did not even wait for his final grades.

Years later, Lambeau's actions apparently seemed suspicious to one Green Bay Packer 'historian' who wrote about 'not knowing the full story about Lambeau' leaving ND.

But that author/'historian never once brought up the Great Influenza outbreak that rocked the Nation & hit South Bend particularly hard that fall.

A sore throat was a very big deal back then-perhaps fatal....87 people died during the influenza outbreak in South Bend that fall. It was said that as many as 42 had died on one day (October 2nd), 2 of whom were Notre Dame students.

The entire ND football schedule of new coach Knute Rockne was cancelled for the month of October(no games were played that month & only 6 were played for the full season-5 in November).

Lambeau recovered, got married & started the Packers...never to return to ND...though Curley acted as a 'super scout' for Rockne-tipping Rock off to numerous HS star football players from Green Bay...among them, a back from Green Bay East HS just 3 year after Curley left ND= Jim Crowley(one of ND's Four Horsemen).

As for Chuck Noll

Noll enrolled at Notre Dame in the fall of 1949-you'll find his name in the ND Student Directory of 1949-50. Noll had an epileptic seizure on the practice field in the preseason. Leahy cut Noll from the Irish team -for his own safety. The ND administration sent Noll home to be checked out by his family doctor.

Noll wanted to continue to play football & since that wasn't going to happen at ND, he didn't return. Instead Noll transferred to Dayton, where the football coach was Joe Gavin - a former ND QB & classmate of Frank Leahy. Leahy and Gavin were both members of Rockne's 1927 ND Frosh recruiting class.

The AD at Dayton at the time(and for many years) was also a former ND player named Harry Baujan.

Gavin allowed Noll to play football at Dayton-but only after getting clearance from the family doctor, an ok from Noll's parents AND a phone conversation between himself & his old ND teammate Frank Leahy.

Later (1960), Los Angeles Chargers GM Frank Leahy hired Chuck Noll as an assistant coach-Noll's very first coaching job.

George Gipp died of strep throat *
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Technically, it was pneumonia related to strep throat. *
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One small addition
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you could say "the beloved Harry Baujan." While they still played on campus, their field was named for him. I played a CYO all-star game there during a miserably cold & wet December day. That was the end of football for me. No fun being a nose guard trying to stop a fullback 30 lbs. heavier at that age.

We love you Olson.

U of Dayton press claimed Baujan 'played for Rockne'
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Baujan didn't play for Rockne...he played WITH Rockne in 1913..both were ends/Rockne was captain

and then Baujan played for Jesse Harper in '14-'16....albeit Rock was an assistant on those ND teams.

After HC Joe Gavin left Dayton, AD Baujan hired former ND player/coach Hugh Devore to replace him.

The books you could write; I see a thread from Rockne
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to Sean McVay through Harry, John McVay & Jon Gruden. Thanks for the link, very enlightening.

P.S. - on reflection: Baujan may have done this on purpose, but it was quite easy for neighborhood kids to sneak into Baujan Field & watch Dayton games for free. As I went to grade school just half a block from the UD campus I did this several times.