Cheer up Wooderson. Brady nearly won 9 Superbowls. 6 is
by Inigomontoya (2019-02-06 02:07:48)

In reply to: Nah, this was the last one.  posted by Wooderson

still pretty good. There is still about a 33% percent they will win a 7th next year.

Went to the game, it was awesome. Atlanta did a great job hosting. A week of good times down here. Met McCourty brothers when we were out at dinner Friday. Met Troy Brown at a Patriots bar on Saturday.

Met Joe Montana at the pregame tailgate thing. During a QA I asked him “Joe, I went to ND as well, and I’m conditioned to hate all things Michigan, but I love Tom Brady, where do you rank him in the history of the NFL QBs?” He deadpanned. “I rank him last! (To a big laugh from crowd) “ Joe then went to talk about so hard in different eras, Otto Graham etc. And he was candid, jokey about, its tough, and he’s competitive and not going to say Tom is better than him or he’s better than Tom, just like he wouldn’t expect Brady to say that.