1978 ND Frosh Recruiting class & Joe Terranova
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on a relatively quiet signing day 2019...

*Overview of 1978 class +Terranova ranking

Joe Terranova (ND '63) is generally considered the first National recruiting 'guru'. Along with a ranking of top recruiting teams by college + individual recruiting ranking by player(using a 4 Star system); Terranova also provided a 'bonus' section-listing where all the top recruits officially visited.

Terranova's 1978 'bonus' section on recruit visits was by far the largest he ever provided-2 full size loose leaf legal pages....this was also the last Terranova publication before he switched to a smaller pamphlet sized report.


Notre Dame was coming off a National Championship year in 1977.

Terranova would rank Dan Devine's 1978 ND recruiting class at #6...USC was #1 (Alabama was #19...how things have changed).

From the Terranova report

"#6 Notre Dame
The Irish have been on a strange diet for the past two years. They appear to thrive on hors d'oeuvres but shy away from meat and potatoes. In Toledo's Dean Masztak and Dayton's Tim Tripp, the Irish may have landed the top tight end and wide receiver in the country. John Krimm and Steve Cichy are fast and strong enough to challenge for Luther Bradley's corner spot. The most highly touted fullback in the country, Pete Buchanan will be a welcomed addition as will Bernie Adell, Bob Weigle, Dave Berry and Tyrone Barber. ND won the rights to highly acclaimed linebacker Bob Crable despite a last ditch effort by Michigan. However, with Ron Mishler and Pat Kramer the only linemen of consequence to sign, are the Irish on the verge of becoming the 'Midgets of the Midway'?

Terranova's top ranked National players by position:

QB Art Schlichter Washington Ct House Oh Ohio St
FB Pete Buchanan Plymouth Ind Notre Dame
RB AJ Jones Youngstown Oh Texas
SE Tim Tripp Dayton Oh Notre Dame
TE Dean Masztak Toledo Oh Notre Dame
OL Chuck Rowland Barberton Oh Michigan

DE Kevin Bates Cincinnati Oh Stanford
DT Lester Williams Opa Lock Fla Miami
LB Riki Gray Tucson Az USC (Bob Crable ND was #2)
DB Tim Seneff Merrilvile Ind Purdue (Marcus Allen USC was #2)

the following '78 ND recruits were HS AAs:

*****5 Notre Dame recruits were Parade HS AA

*Pete Buchanan FB Plymouth Ind
*Mike Boushka WR Wichita Ks Kapaun-Mt Carmel
*Bob Crable LB Cincinnati Oh Moeller
*Dave Berry RB Waterloo Ia Columbus HS
*Steve Cichy DB Fargo ND Stanley

***** 8 ND recruits were Coach & Athlete HS AA
Buchanan, Cichy, Crable, Berry and

*Ty Barber RB Washington DC St John's
*Dean Masztak TE Toledo Oh Central Catholic
*Ron Mishler TE Peoria Il Spalding
*Larry Kissner OL Delray Beach Fl Cardinal Newman

***** 8 ND recruits were Senior Coach HS AA
Buchanan, Cichy, Crable, Barber, Masztak, Mishler and

Tim Tripp WR Dayton Oh Jefferson Twnshp
Ken Muncy DL Shawnee Ok Shawnee HS

I remember Ron Mishler at Peoria Spalding HS
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In fact, I had the unpleasant duty of covering him in the freshman football game between Spalding and Bergan. It was played in a driving rain storm on a Saturday morning (since it was a Spalding home game, it took place, I think, at Glen Oak Park). Bergan won 6-0, but Mishler was tough! Bergan lost in the varsity game when Mishler and I were both seniors, 1977. That game was the night before I drove to South Bend to see the ND-Georgia Tech game.

Hilarious bit about Fourcade's encounter with Dan Devine (eating cereal?) I'd heard Devine was a bit of an odd duck.

Thanks, Olson, great history as always.

Great Review-‘78 was my ND Frosh FB Class- worked as FB Mgr
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with each of those gentlemen. They were All Great Guys!
As Juniors - they were ranked (#1) and eventually lost 17-10 to Herschel Walker & the Georgia Dawgs in the January 1, 1981 Sugar Bowl.

Thanks olson. Great stuff. Did Tripp ever play?
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He was from a school that we played regularly in HS and I barely remember him.

I started at ND in 1979 and I don't recall the name. *
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