Kent State - home of the greats
by jrdjr84 (2019-02-06 14:52:39)

2019 Super Bowl MVP Julian Edelman, Kent State Golden Flash QB 2006-2007-2008 under head coach Doug Martin (freshman year at San Mateo JC in CA)
- record at Kent State: 13 wins, 23 losses

Coaching legend Nick Saban, Kent State Golden Flash DB 1970 - 1971 - 1972 (before freshman eligibility) under Dave Puddington and Don James
- record during his playing days at Kent State: 17-24-1

Coaching legend Lou Holtz, Kent State Golden Flash LB 1956- 1957 - 1958 under coach Trevor Rees
- record during his playing days 17-10

It just strikes me as weird that a middling MAC program with moderate to little success through the ages has managed to produce some "legendary" football greats. And that's not even including Don James, who started at Kent and went on to be a terrific coach for the Washington Huskies.