I remember Ron Mishler at Peoria Spalding HS
by Camarillo Brillo (2019-02-06 18:00:26)

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In fact, I had the unpleasant duty of covering him in the freshman football game between Spalding and Bergan. It was played in a driving rain storm on a Saturday morning (since it was a Spalding home game, it took place, I think, at Glen Oak Park). Bergan won 6-0, but Mishler was tough! Bergan lost in the varsity game when Mishler and I were both seniors, 1977. That game was the night before I drove to South Bend to see the ND-Georgia Tech game.

Hilarious bit about Fourcade's encounter with Dan Devine (eating cereal?) I'd heard Devine was a bit of an odd duck.

Thanks, Olson, great history as always.