Remember, this is a developmental league
by D8NDomer (2019-02-11 10:08:14)

In reply to: I watched about half of an AAF game last night.  posted by guilfordnd

given that, I thought it was a good start. People expecting too much might be a problem, though. It is perhaps too optimistic for them to play in large stadiums. 10,000 people in a 15,000 seat stadium is far more impressive than 20,000 in a 60,000 seat stadium.

given it was the first game, I expect improvement in all aspects; players, coaches, broadcasting & production. And since Charlie stressed technology in his interviews I was surprised the broadcasters didn't talk more about how silicon valley is involved and influencing the play and the league. If they truly have the pockets and improve, this may be a viable option for not yet ready for the NFL players.