Game is controlled by a third party
by ndaero93 (2023-03-12 12:39:09)
Edited on 2023-03-12 12:39:33

In reply to: ND/Navy Tickets  posted by bigwave96

Nd basically sold the game to Anthony Travel as the Aer Lingus Classic (last year was Northwestern vs Nebraska). So while an ND home game, we don’t have the regular control over the tickets. Plus, it’s a small stadium. And, because it’s an ND game, Navy doesn’t have the tickets they would normally control.

The ND lottery results come out this Friday, so tickets will start to “hit the streets” a little bit more as people see what they get. Those tickets were $200 or $300 a pop.

Tough to say hang tight for a few, but that may be best for now. They will start to come available a bit more.

Just one guy’s opinion. And I did NOT stay at a holiday inn express last night.