I can’t help. But since you mentioned season tix, I am
by Sorin107 (2023-03-12 12:50:26)

In reply to: ND/Navy Tickets  posted by bigwave96

curious about them. How does it and/or the alumni lottery work these days? Back before I wrote my letters of protest to the Fellows and announced I was going to stop attending ND games (late 2016), season tickets were something really old alums had or you could do a game by game lottery. Now around that time there was some expensive group called the Sorin Society (or something like that) which maybe gave you season tickets.

How does it work these days? Is there still a game by game lottery for alums? Does it occur after these season tickets requests that now “anyone” can buy?

Obviously the brand is so much stronger than it’s ever been, so I’m curious. Thanks!

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