It makes sense here because Milano in all likelihood
by DillonFightSong (2023-03-13 11:02:40)

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can and will finish out the contract, so they won't have a dead cap hit at the end of his deal. He's the Bills' only defensive player I'd call indispensable, moreso with the pending departures of Edmunds and Poyer. This deal keeps him around and frees up cap room for much needed help.

Not that anyone asked, but I have limited people to vent to, I think this core Bills group from 2020-22 has done all it's going to do. Frazier's departure was necessary IMO, but Dorsey is still a weak link. He's a great frontrunner, but when things don't go according to plan, Allen reverts to playing hero ball and we can only pray he doesn't get killed. Diggs is an elite #1 WR, but it's an indictment on both him and Dorsey that Allen wasn't even looking for him in that Cincinnati game. Even more damning (for McDermott too) is that they brought back Cole Beasley to fill the role that McKenzie and Shakir were supposed to share.

This team was built to beat the Chiefs in the playoffs. It failed. Now we also need to deal with the Bengals, who can not only beat the Chiefs in a shootout, but can win those ugly 18-15 AFC North dry-humping submission contests. Throw in a rising Jacksonville and the looming possibility that the Chargers suddenly find competence, and the window for this core group of Bills' coaches and players is basically closed. Allen is the only player, and McDermott (for now) the only coach, that are off the table IMO.