Are we sure?
by DillonFightSong (2023-03-13 11:41:43)

In reply to: I agree. It feels like an impending crap show is hanging  posted by BeastOfBourbon

These are questions I never would have thought to ask a year ago.

Are we sure Stefon Diggs should return? We just saw KC trade Tyreek Hill and redistribute those resources toward other needs, including reinforcing its OL. This offense is obviously better with Diggs in it, but if Allen doesn't seek him out in big moments, how valuable is he? More valuable than an OL that can run block and keep Allen's jersey clean?

Are we sure Tre White is our #1 corner? Even when he's not injured, he's not exactly locking anybody down. Like I said, I think Milano is the only indispensable player on that defense. What could we possibly get for White?

Are we sure Dorsey is a good OC? No. That's not even a question anymore. Why the Bills are bringing him back for another year of on-the-job learning with a team that is purportedly in its Super Bowl window is baffling. What are we hanging onto here? The Rams blowout in Week 1? I'd rather bring in someone like Greg Roman to give this offense a physical identity and become less reliant on Allen slinging 60-yard deep balls.

Are we sure Beane is a good GM? He hit on Allen and Edmunds. After that, I see too many disappointments. Do the Bills have a single player on either line that you'd describe as indispensable?

Are we sure McDermott is a good HC? I'm just getting ahead of the talking heads here. When they start associating him less with Andy Reid and more with his other coaching tree patron, Ron Rivera, you'll know the perception has started to set in that McDermott can't get this team to the next level.