Getting to Notre Dame(from irishfaithful)
by Board Ops (2005-11-09 01:04:26)

If you are taking the South Bend West exit off the Toll Road:

Nimtz Parkway gives you a clean straight shot to Bendix Road. You can take Bendix north to Cleveland Road or south to either Lathrop Road(which will take you to Portage Rd.) or US20(Lincoln Way).

US31 Bypass North will take you to the Cleveland Road interchange but be warned, Cleveland Road is under construction from the US31 Bypass to Megan Beehler Drive which is just west of the Cleveland and Bendix intersection. Expect this segment to be busy with traffic from SW Michigan.

US31 Bypass South will take you to US20(Lincoln Way) with no difficulty. If you need to continue south on the 31 bypass to get to the south side be warned that there is construction on the bypass at the Mayflower interchange and you should expect big delays there in both directions.

The Angela Road bridge is still under construction and is closed. If you are arriving from the west toll road exit your best options to cross the river will be Cleveland Road and US 20 via downtown.

Taking the Notre Dame Exit off the Toll Road:

Exit the toll road and Turn right! This is obviously the easiest way but traditionally the traffic exiting the toll road for this exit in both directions is extensive.


If you are taking the Mishawaka Toll Road Exit:

Note: Capital Avenue is now complete and open to the South down to Day Road. You can reach Cleveland, Douglas, and Day Road from south bound Capital Ave.

Turn north on Capital to SR23. Take SR23 west to Main Street/Gumwood. Once at this intersection you have several options.
Option 1: You can turn south on Main which will take you to Cleveland, Douglas, and Day as well as University Park Drive. Be warned, you should only go this way if you have to. There is construction on Main and it is already a heavily traveled road in a commercial area.

Option 2: Continue west bound on SR23 to the Grape Road intersection. Grape road is usually a disaster on gamedays but there are restaurants galore and shopping so if you need to stop somewhere before the game you will find it here but the traffic is really bad.

Option 3: Continue west bound on SR23 through the Main and Grape intersections. After Grape Rd., you will come to another intersection. If you turn left you will still be on SR23 and this will take you south and you will intersect with Douglas Road and Ironwood. If you choose Option 3, you will be on SR23 the entire time and it will take you to parking on the South and east side of the stadium.

Option 4: After passing the Main and Grape intersections you may continue west bound through the SR23/Cleveland intersection. You will then be on Cleveland Road. From Cleveland Road you can turn south on Ironwood Drive to access south and east stadium parking via Douglas, SR23/South Bend Ave, and Edison Road. If you need north or west stadium parking then you must continue west on Cleveland past the Ironwood intersection. For north parking you must turn south on Juniper Road. Be warned, the traffic for north parking from the East is always terrible, expect big delays. These delays will also effect you if you are attempting west stadium parking. I would highly recommend that if you are parking on the West (Holy Cross, St. Joe HS, etc.) that you not take the Mishawaka exit but rather take either the SB West Exit or the Notre Dame Exit.

Turn south on Capital to Cleveland Road: see option 4 above.

Turn south on Capital. Take Capital Ave to Douglas Road. Turn east onto Douglas and this will take you all the way out to the North side of the campus. This is a lengthy drive and traffic begins to get tight around Grape Road but it usually isn't too bad. This will take you to east side parking only. Douglas is closed off at the Juniper intersection by police on gamedays. If you are parking on the North side of campus you will need to choose a Cleveland Road option.

Turn south on Capital. Take Capital to Day Road. Turn east on Day and take it all the way out to the stadium. Traffic is pretty light until you hit Grape Road and it gets heavy but it moves pretty well considering the volume. Day Road turns into Edison once you leave the Mishawaka limits and this will take you directly to the stadium. South and east stadium parking is served on this route.