Frustrated with the ND Administration?
by Ty Webb (2014-12-20 14:04:09)
Edited on 2014-12-20 14:05:15
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  In reply to: ESPN Insider - more Kelly > NFL talk  posted by Vagas Ferguson

Well, Coach, I am sure the "ND Administration" is getting frustrated with you threatening ND and trying to leverage what might be non-existent NFL interest into giving you even more of what you want.

You've gotten more support from the admin that any previous ND coach. You wanted fake shit ass grass and you got it. You wanted a more NFL atmosphere with piped in music and you got it. You wanted ugly, Oregon-esque uniforms and you got them.

On top of that, you were the beneficiary of changes that ND needed to make to compete with elite teams such as a formal training table, etc. I won't sit here and say the ND Administration has done everything perfectly and hasn't made a ton of mistakes, but they've given you more support than any other previous ND coach.

So please, Coach (or more specifically your agent), either shut up about how poorly you are being treated by the ND Administration or get the fuck out of town.


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