I'm not sure if it ends with BK
by NDFanSince81 (2014-12-20 15:03:10)
Edited on 2014-12-20 15:07:28
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  In reply to: This is a terminable offense  posted by ShermanOaksND

I agree with you, BK has let this get to the point that it's undermining the program. Whether it is a sin of commission or omission, he's apparently willing to damage the program to help himself. It's a firing offense.

But I don't know if it ends there. JS is AWOL - probably in Indy to enjoy the Crossroads Classic and Christmas at home with the family. Meanwhile, workers on campus are cranking away on the $450m Crossroads project while staff and faculty are getting notes on the unsustainable costs of health care.

In February, the BOT meets to approve the annual budget, the first one that will need to bring on some new operating costs. Depending on what happens over the next few weeks with BK, the bowl game, and budget, they could be in a pretty surly mood.


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