Let's make a list.
by DillonFightSong (2014-12-20 15:26:30)
Edited on 2014-12-20 15:31:01
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No. Not THAT list, like the one a thread below, I'm not interested in who you WANT to see at ND. Let's just assume, based upon prior experience, that those wishes will not come to fruition. Save the wishful thinking for your Christmas list. (A new pair of house slippers? Kick-ass!)

I'm interested in the probable candidates. The ones who won't require much enticing, who would likely give Jack an under-the-table handy at the first bat of an eyelash. The ones who provide the Adiminstration just enough cover to keep the rank-and-file from revolting, yet also require the SID turd-polishers to work overtime.

I'll begin: Steve Addazio and Pat Fitzgerald. I can read the press release now: "Notre Dame is pleased to hire its 457th head football coach, Steve Addazio/Pat Fitzgerald. The last time Notre Dame hired a coach from Boston College/Northwestern, it was Frank Leahy/Ara Parseghian, who went onto win 4/2 national championships. Welcome to Notre Dame, coach!"


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