Neither here nor there for your list or the list below
by David Rivers (2014-12-20 16:30:23)
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  In reply to: Let's make a list.  posted by DillonFightSong

but Chuck Martin is a guy I think is worth keeping an eye on long term. Unlike Kelly, I think he has a true affinity for ND. I think he values and appreciates the place and its traditions. Anybody who takes the Miami job for the reasons he did has some of the right mindset for succeeding at ND - I don't think he's afraid of challenges and he doesn't look for the path of least resistance. Miami seemed to be more competitive with him this year. If he continues an upward trajectory there and succeeds well at a bigger stop, I think he's a guy who has some of the qualities it takes to succeed and fit at ND down the road.


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