You don't think Mortensen gets his information elsewhere?
by gadomer (2014-12-20 17:09:48)

In reply to: Mortensen is the source.  posted by cujays96

this is a guy who has more GMs, Asst GMs, and NFL guys on his speed dial than Charlie Weis. Mort is a local guy who takes pride in his work. That detail gets overlooked.

Besides, there is too much garbage to sift through. Armstrong was an All-American at Florida and he didn't have enough cache to get Florida to give Kelly a look? Oh wait, he is also Urban Meyer's agent. Another detail that gets overlooked.

How about the Kelly to Raiders stuff said by Jack Arute? Is Armstrong involved there? Oh wait, Arute is represented by Mike Tannenbaum, the J-E-T-S ex-GM.

The problem in the college game and the NFL; there are more openings than slam-dunk hires. I expect Kelly's name to surface, as well as the usual suspects. Like I have said repeatedly; Kelly would be a fool to go to the NFL. The players would eat him alive.