I'm really unsure about these Texas coaches.
by tbonesays (2014-12-20 19:55:21)
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  In reply to: Curious why Gary Patterson doesn't get more consideration?  posted by ndvermin95

They seem to be really close with the Texas high school scene that is rife with nepotism. Their wins tend to come against other regional teams who also play pass first spread offenses.

First I'm unsure if Briles/Patterson even want to head north. Then we've seen the problems with running that type of offense vs the traditional type favored by the Irish blue bloods. Thirdly I don't know if the Texas high schools they are used to recruiting would welcome them back anymore now that they left the family. And finally would their recruiting experience help them pull the talent we need out of Ohio, the Carolinas, SoCal, and Florida, important regions to ND where they don't have the contacts.


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