For God's sake go read the quote.
by ndroman21 (2014-12-21 01:42:21)
Edited on 2014-12-21 01:42:32
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Your opinion is colored by the simple fact that you're only using this board as your source. Until my last post, you apparently thought that Mortensen had published an article attributing things to Kelly.

"But yeah, there's NFL teams that are looking at Brian Kelly that see him as a CEO type with strengths on the offensive side of the football and Notre Dame, as great as the tradition and the institution is, still has some restrictions. There's still no redshirts. There's still academic standards that are above and beyond the norm. So that's a name that I think people are looking at."

That's it. Spoken live, on the air. No attribution of any frustration to Kelly. Not until someone picked it up today (5 weeks later) and worked it into a clickbait story did anyone mention Brian Kelly's "frustration" with Notre Dame.

Seeing as Mortensen himself has not made any other comments, there is no evidence that Kelly and Armstrong didn't tell him to cool it.


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