My viewpoint on ND football is skewed by the late 80s
by NDColt (2014-12-22 12:47:10)
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  In reply to: Amen. As of 2006, I hadn't seen Byron for almost 20 years  posted by Moff

Being on campus during that time, this was my only first hand exposure to ND football players. I happened to be on an interhall lacrosse team with Corny Southall. I was absolutely amazed by his intensity toward what should have been for him, a very low priority endeavor. I remember we were leading by a couple of goals at halftime. He started screaming to us that we need to act like we're down by three. As the second half played out, Corny would be yelling out "we're down by two!!" then "we're down by one!!", as in reality, we were up by four. I couldn't believe how intense he was, and what a great teammate he was. Because of this, I can't fathom that ND players would ever give up on the team, and by nature, I automatically assume all players and teams have that Corny Southall mentality.


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