This is correct. Everyone else can't execute. kelly's
by cj (2014-12-22 13:00:54)
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floundering in the coaching "high seas" of under-performance. He doesn't get "it" and that will prove to be his ultimate undoing. As an aside, Chip Kelly's current streak isn't helping his nfl dreams either.

One need not look any further than 'bama's defensive ranking to understand how far removed we are from a championship caliber system/process.

2008 #3
09 2
10 5
11 1
12 1
13 5
14 11

imo kelly believes that he can "reinvent" the sport. What he doesn't understand is that there's a difference between what he can put on paper and what he can put on the field. That's one of his fatal flaws.

From a macro view this game is always going to be about blocking, tackling, fundamentals...the ability to impose your will on either side of the ball, the ability to move the chains with a punishing rushing attack...special team soundness... other core disciplines and a break or 2 here and there....

In 5 years "kelly ball" has consistently demonstrated none of those traits.

In 2012 kelly's "forte" (offense) delivered the # 80 scoring O in the country.

We were # 7 in total D.

There's nothing new to what Kelly is trying to accomplish and how he is attempting to do it. Don Coryell was a pioneer of the vertical attack back in the 70's. He also had Dan Fouts.... They also never won a Super Bowl...

"Air Kelly" isn't some "secret sauce" advantage. It's poppycock.


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