imo kelly micromanaged Golson and Brindza so far into the
by cj (2014-12-22 17:45:21)
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  In reply to: What's odd is Kelly knows it, he just keeps hammering away  posted by SEE

"technical" side that they can no longer "play". Come game time they haven't figured how to toss the technical baggage. They're both stuck in the old/common "paralysis by analysis" mode. kelly hasn't figured out how to free them up...

How is it that 2 guys with early/pre season National Award potential have lost it so completely? (Heisman/Groza)

When I heard Kelly discussing kicking mechanics I really wish someone would've asked him his experience in the area. Where did he learn? How long did he study? Who taught him?....

(imo He appears like the guy who can shoot 90 in golf, but wants to give lessons to everyone. If you want to help Brindza kick bring in John Carney....)

PS Kelly's going to get a huge dose of power running on display out of an LSU freshman. Fournette is one of the best guys I have seen at this age. He's a monster. It should be interesting to see if he can get isolated with Smith. That will be something...


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