Bryant Young and Curt Warner (that would be the RB)
by Bagimus Maximus (2014-12-24 12:21:03)
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  In reply to: Two best players you've seen in Notre Dame Stadium  posted by meatwhistle

Bryant Young was just at another level on the field, a true man amongst boys. I'll never forget the florida state game when charlie ward ran a bootleg, and only bryant young was there to greet him. He tried to put on a basketball juke and young was so quick, ward quickly realized he was toast and gave up on the play.

Curt Warner, before his knee injury, in a time when knee injuries didn't recover the way they do now, was so quick and instinctual, i believe he would have gone on to a hall of fame career in the nfl, as evidenced by his Offensive Player of the year award in his rookie season.


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