True - he doesn't fit "the profile"
by saderdomer (2014-12-24 17:41:02)
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  In reply to: His resume looks an awful lot like Kelly's  posted by El Kabong

but talent is where you find it. Unlike ND, the Golden Gophers are 8-4 with a win over Northwestern and are playing in the Citrus Bowl in Tampa on New Years Day (afternoon game). While his experience is a little limited, this is a Big ? team not some small time program. MN has a long and distinguished football history, just not in the last half-century or so. Prior to Kill, this football program was dead as a dodo. The last time the Gophers played any good football at all Tony Dungy was the qb or maybe when some guy named Holtz was their coach. You may have heard of him. Sure there are a lot of issues and I don't claim this is a home run hire but still I think it worthy of some level of consideration.

As an aside, a university that I was at hired a bball coach that had won a national championship at another school and seem to have all the right metrics. Said coach bombed miserably (but he did collect a lot of money). Success in one venue even at the highest level is no guarantee of success at another. While some of the proposed metrics (assistant under top coach, above average record at major conference school, etc) may mitigate risk, ultimately any coaching hire is pretty much a crap shoot. I think you have to look at a lot of candidates and then whittle down the pile somehow. Ultimately, it comes down to the AD making a subjective judgement of character and competency. I don't think there is anything even close to a sure thing While Saban Stoops etc are excellent coaches, bringing in one of these guys does not by any means guarantee success. Metrics can be helpful but should not be dispositive.

At least we can agree that Mr. Kill would be an improvement.


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