Strong analysis.
by jakam31 (2014-12-24 18:50:36)
Edited on 2014-12-24 20:08:18
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You apparently haven't watched an Eagles game this season. They commit an insane number of dumbass penalties, are the league leaders in turnovers and when the season was on the line they put the ball in the hands of Mark fucking Sanchez rather than leaning on their reigning NFL rushing champion. With their season hanging in the balance the other night Sanchez threw the ball 50 times. Not exactly a recipe for success. However, since Chip Kelly also jettisoned his best reciever - and only true downfield threat - in favor a possession guy, this should not come as a surprise because it ultimately made his offense more difficult to run. Without the threat of someone to stretch the field, it made his entire scheme easier to defend because people could throw an extra guy in the box which made it difficult for him to establish the run and he eventually abandoned it in key times altogether. Chip's biggest downfall was his arrogance in his own scheme because he believed he could get it done regardless of the personnel. He bet on himself and he lost.

This, of course, sounds familiar because our own Kelly, as in Brian, has done this numerous times and (justifiably) been called to the carpet on it in this very forum.

To blow past that demonstrates a fundamental issue of having your head up your own ass and/or not watching an Eagles game to see how dysfunctional they were. Additionally, I never once said he wouldn't be a good hire. I said I was skeptical. You demonstrate a strong lack of reading comprehension and using the word awesome in the sense that you did makes you sound like a dork. Chip Kelly might be the best choice we could possibly make the next time around, but from what I have seen from him in recent weeks I am not nearly as sold on him as I once was - and trust me, I was driving the Chip Kelly bandwagon. I simply think he, like most other coaches, come with their concerns.



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