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I am not an Eagles fan. Far from it. I am viewing this from the perspective of someone who watches almost every NFL game every week.

The Eagles have scored 10 TDs on Defense/Special Teams this year, which is four more than the next closest NFL team. Last year they scored one. They won a game at San Francisco this year without scoring an offensive touchdown so yes - it is a pretty appreciable difference. Now, had Cody Parkey hit those field goals they may still have a chance, but against a 3-11 Washington team and a playoff berth on the line I would hope Philadelphia wouldn't lay the same egg that they laid the two weeks prior to that game. There is no reason that I can think of to lay your season at the right foot of a rookie kicker when all you had to do was beat the most dysfunctional franchise in the NFL for a shot at a playoff berth and throwing the ball 50 times with Mark Sanchez doesn't cut it. McCoy had 88 yards rushing on 22 carries - there is zero excuse for him not to touch the ball 30 times in that game. He is a workhorse running back. Use him. Does that sound familiar?

Yes, their offensive line was hurting earlier in the year but stick to what I was talking about as an area of concern. In the three games since plowing through Dallas on Thanksgiving Day they have not kept with run and McCoy has not had a 100 yard game. This is as healthy as their offensive line has been since Week 3 and on top of that, the Eagles are 20-3 when McCoy goes over 100. But rather than lean on that, he has put the ball in the hands of Sanchez and asked him to win the division. Jordan Matthews is going to be a terrific NFL receiver but he is not going to fill the DeSean Jackson role in that offense. Jackson leads the NFL in yards per catch this year (again) despite playing in a system where Colt McCoy and Kirk Cousins started most of their games. Riley Cooper is a $35 million dollar possession receiver that can't get separation at the line but Kelly chose him over Jackson. Again - he bet on his system being able to overcome anything and he lost. Good on him for being confident, but getting rid of DeSean Jackson limits this offense in a lot of ways.

Additionally, in the last three games they have scored 14, 27 and 24 so no, they are not scoring a "ton of points." They are scoring at right about the average for a good NFL offense. In regards to Foles and the interceptions, of course there was going to be regression to the mean for him but this team had 29 total turnovers last year and they lead the NFL with 35 turnovers this year. The next closest team in 2014? 2-12 Tampa Bay with 32. Other notable NFL teams: Chicago (29), Oakland (27), Washington (27), Jacksonville (26) and Tennessee (25). Your reasoning is that it was simply bound to happen and turnovers are contagious? That is some deep thinking there. The bottom line is that Philadelphia is sloppy on offense this year and it has cost them - both in 2014 and last year in the playoffs when they couldn't hold onto the ball. If that is contagious, it is on Kelly to find a remedy for the problem. Where have I said that before?

You also did not address the fact that they are prone to ill-timed penalties or that in the last three games they are averaging over 100 yards a game in penalty yards. That is on the head coach to fix but by all means, blame bad luck, poor timing, bad bounces, and being ripe for an upset for the fact that they just went 0-3 when all they really needed to do is go 1-2 for a chance at the playoffs. Ball security, sound defense, and special team win games this time of year. My biggest question mark with the guy is that his teams don't seem to exhibit these traits when the stakes are greatest. This doesn't mean he isn't a really good coach because he is. But I also think that his offensive scheme and personality have a little bit of Brian Kelly to them and for that alone I think he isn't a slam dunk.

If you can't objectively look at some of this and at least pause and ask yourself if Chip Kelly is a sure thing, that is your own shortcoming but all you did was put a bunch of nonsense in paragraph form to support your idea in addition to thinking that I am simply on a rant because I am a jilted Eagles fan. Just show me some statistical justification for putting the season on the narrow shoulders of Mark Sanchez last Saturday. Until then, quit penning fluff pieces about why Chip Kelly is awesome, bruh.


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