"Notwithstanding the second half of this season."
by AraStopTheSnow (2014-12-24 23:39:11)
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  In reply to: Swarbrick backs Kelly in an interview with The Observer  posted by BigNDfan

If we're cherry-picking, why not also say "notwithstanding that one season two years ago"?

Because without it, he has none of the other positives Savvy cites. No NC game (disaster). No Coach of the Year award. Nothing, in fact, but a string of poorly coached 4- and 5-loss seasons.

The second half of this season did happen. It demonstrated a shocking downward spiral. It represents the opposite of a program that's "strong" or "in great shape." And given what's happened in 4 of BK's 5 seasons here, it is clearly a much stronger indicator of the future than a two-year-old outlying data point, no matter how temporarily pleasant that outlier was.

I guess after 50 years of watching this program, I may have to start considering the option I've chosen for my hometown Chicago Bears: tuning out. If the institution itself doesn't care about success, it's pointless masochism for me to care more than they do.


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