Because he doesn't care about who's in the game
by PA_DoubleD (2014-12-26 00:44:57)

In reply to: I watch a lot of Eagles games.  posted by jakam31

when he calls a play. He expects any player they deem worthy to get on the field to be able to run the play called. Sproles and Polk both bring different dimensions to the offense, and I don't think Chip is that high on McCoy. He's a very specific runner, he need there to be holes for him to be successful, and defenses this year figured out that if you take away the cut back and crash the gaps, he doesn't do very well. And yes, I'm amazed to at the sloppiness and lack of creativity on offense compared to last. The problem with chips tempo is that if you don't get a first down you give the ball back to the other team in 50 seconds. Have a couple three and outs and you're putting your defense on the field a ton in a short amount of time. Not a recipe for success.

Bottom line, he needs to get a QB, one that has experience running the zone read, if he wants to win anything in the NFL. The offense is much less dangerous without a mobile QB. I am all in hem to trade up for Mariota, but I know it won't happen so my hope is Brett Hundley in the 2nd round.