The more I think about the AD's interview
by copperhead67 (2014-12-26 15:57:00)
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  In reply to: Is Savvy about to extend Kelly's contract? *  posted by serious

the more pissed I get. The arrogance to proudly declare that the past 5 seasons are just what Savvy was looking for is an insult to students,alumni and fans everywhere. A poster several threads below did a great job of listing 5 seasons of failure and seeing it in print made it perfectly clear, that BK needs his hat, his final paycheck and directions to the door handed to him. JS's position of acceptance of this pathetic performance is dangerous thinking and should result in a review of HIS performance and an evauation of his capabilities. Mowing yards or running a corporation makes little difference, if poor performance becomes the norm, your screwed. Rant over.


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