there's also a difference...
by DavidAddison (2014-12-26 18:24:57)
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  In reply to: Again, look at what he said in 12/08. There's a difference. *  posted by VaDblDmr

due to the passage of time. Remember Weis said if he didn't get it done in 3-5 years (I forget which) that no one would have to show him the door, he'd go out on his own. Instead I guess we're still paying the guy to be gone.

Also, Kelly is Swarbrick's hire, Weis wasn't. Big difference there, too.

This is all human nature. I'm not saying it's right, I'm just saying it's predictable.

If I missed something or misinterpreted it in this thread, my apologies...I'm kind of doing a driveby and haven't read the Observer article and don't recall what he said in Dec. 2008. Main point is human nature.


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