Some more details/opinions on recruiting.
by Bruno95 (2014-12-27 08:10:11)
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[All rankings discussed here are from Rivals]

ND has one top-50 commit -- Wimbush. Crawford, the corner, is 62nd.

Next up, at 126th, is OT Jerry Tillery. OL Tristen Hoge (150) and WR Miles Boykin (151) are our remaining representatives among the top 200. LB Josh Barajas, at 228th, and DB Mykelti Williams (235) are also in the Rivals 250.

What happened this year was part bad luck and part bad depth. Football teams cannot be razor thin at any spot, because injuries are inevitable. Our inside linebacker recruiting (until the 2014 class) was bad. Our safety recruiting has been atrocious. Our DT recruiting (2014 excepted) has failed to give us the depth you must have at the one spot attrition hits the hardest.

One snapshot: ND badly wanted two RBs in this class. If you believe the recruiting predictions, ND will likely strike out on Soso Jamabo and Ronald Jones. Unless they grab someone new, they'll end up with Josh Adams. Adams is the 46th-ranked RB, but his ranking is likely the product of a knee injury that required surgery at the end of his junior year. I think he's fine and a steal -- his Senior year was fantastic, with over 1,600 yards and 27 TDs. But ND has two other backs on the roster and really wanted a second. Looks like that second, if there is one, will be a fall-back choice.

Classes like this aren't good enough for what ND needs. The excuses have some truth to them, which is why our recruiting must be better. We fly all over the country, play no FCS teams, and cannot supplement the roster with many transfers. Our guys play a lot of snaps. We cannot continue to miss out on top-end talent. We cannot continue to fail to build quality depth.


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