We barely beat North Carolina and therein lies the problem
by irishguard78 (2014-12-27 09:12:34)
Edited on 2014-12-27 09:14:27
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  In reply to: Get a grip  posted by billweber72

Our coach is a decent recruiter, not great. He is an above average coach, not great. So we barely beat teams like North Carolina and effing Navy, and lost to shit stains like Northwestern because once 'His Arrogance' wasn't able to beat Florida State he lost lost the hearts and minds of the players.

Who knows whether he instructed his agent to begin probing for jobs in the NFL or whether he just said screw it all. Golson regressed terribly from that game until the end of the season....offensive play calls were still the same erratic mess of jumble

....and he made that moronic blunder of going for two against Northwestern. He lost me forever that day. He's either too arrogant or too stupid, but we'll never get to a national championship with this guy as our head coach.......bet on it.

And one last thing...Swarbrick, Affleck-Graves, Jenkins and the Board of Trustees are all so deeply impressed with themselves and their giant egos, intellects and impressions of Notre Disney Dame they've forgotten how to win. It all starts at the top and these folks don't get it or don't care.

And autocorrect sucks, so if there are words it corrected I apologize


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