Depth is a concern at some positions, but recruiting
by PA_DoubleD (2014-12-27 11:16:40)
Edited on 2014-12-27 11:17:35
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  In reply to: Some more details/opinions on recruiting.  posted by Bruno95

is not our biggest problem, coaching is. We have tons of talent compared to a lot of teams, there are so many coaches who could do better than BK if they could recruit the guys we get. Our skill position talent is in the top 5 in the country. Zaire, Kizer, and Wimbush is a really good QB pipeline to have going forward.

As far as our depth is concerned, I won't make an excuse for the coaching staff, but this is where oversigning really helps. It's the rule of thirds. In every class, a third of the class won't live up to expectations, a third of the class will be better than expected, and the other third is the wildcards. When the wildcards are hit with injuries, transfers, suspensions, etc, it can really damage a class. Our 2012 class is unfortunately a shining example of this. Signed 17, 11 are still on the team including Keivarae Russell. Thus, the more kids you sign ever year, the better you are prepared to handle that kind of stuff without it leaving gaping holes at positions. I still maintain coaching is the biggest issue though.


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