by BrianP (2014-12-27 11:22:12)
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  In reply to: Some more details/opinions on recruiting.  posted by Bruno95

It has been this way since Holtz left. Every coach has classes where needs are met followed by classes that are mediocre (by ND standards) where there are holes at certain positions. This year we are bringing in one DE despite not having a pass rush. The argument is that ND brought in several DE last year. Problem is that no one has showed themselves to be the next Justin Tuck. The ND the staff should be operating under the idea that the DE position needs to be upgraded. I also don't understand how a LT is not being recruited this year. How may true LT are on the roster if Stanley leaves early. The staff better hope Bivins can play LT otherwise they are thin at that position long term.

I tend to judge recruiting based on whether complete classes are being brought in. Most years the answer is no...regardless of who has been coaching the team.


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