He is good at making lists of what make us unique,
by Moff (2014-12-27 13:30:31)
Edited on 2014-12-27 13:31:35
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  In reply to: wait, I thought that 11 and 12 were about rebuilding ND  posted by jt

And then destroying everything thing on the list. He is good at taking someone who used to live for ND football and renderiing him completely indifferent, other than to commiserate the loss with like minded souls on NDNation. He's good at making faces and gestures on the sidelines that make it clear that all the fuckups are someone else's fault. He's good at making speeches that no one can remember and which can be recycled at the next stop by merely changing the name of the school. He's good at making the 1985 Miami game seem competitive.


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