You, apparently, have some insight into the relationship
by SWPaDem (2014-12-27 21:40:01)
Edited on 2014-12-27 21:54:33
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between Swarbrick and Fr. Jenkins. At this point in time, what is paramount to Jenkins is the Crossroads project, and it is Swarbrick who has embraced the facilitator role to the nth degree - even to the point of extolling the virtues of the "circuitous walking paths" that Crossroads has already brought us. When Swarbrick was hired, it was Jenkins who spoke of their shared vision - and yes, Swarbrick is enthusiastically doing his bidding, even to the point of giving Kelly rather free rein with Crazy Train, field turf, and the like, not to mention, eventually, the Jumbotron (tastefully done, of course). That both Jenkins and Swarbrick are Notre Dame graduates whom should know better regarding these violations of Notre Dame Football tradition means nothing if it gets them both closer to the realization of Crossroads. Thus, the giving away of the sacred farm to Kelly.

And so, maintaining the status quo with regard to Kelly so as not to potentially derail/delay the munificent Crossroads project takes all precedence. This will be Jenkins greatest legacy, not to mention that of a few well-placed donors who expect major legacy naming status with the project as well.

But I've heard anecdotally that total funding of the project is somewhat shaky, and to change horses now with regard to Kelly really would risk seeing it through. In a sense, the PTB have bet their wad on Kelly and all his shades of purple to deliver them an ideally satisfying win against LSU to salvage a most disappointing season. If Kelly falls flat on his face and embarrasses them royally, there will be various forms of hell to pay. There can be no other explanation for Swarbrick's absurd statements regarding Kelly and Crossroads in the Observer interview, i.e., unless there are ulterior motives - aside from just football - in him saying so.

And so, for the moment, "All is well". That is, until is isn't.


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