I used to think our football program would not win a title
by wearendhockey (2014-12-28 08:52:21)
Edited on 2014-12-28 08:53:27
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  In reply to: The Music Shanty Bowl may allow Swarbrick to walk back  posted by ShermanOaksND

ever again because of social factors beyond the control of anyone in the administration of athletics at Notre Dame(or factors that could be controlled but should not be significantly altered like responsibly high admission standards). While still believing that to be likely true I am more convinced than ever that Notre Dame will not win a title ever again, only now it is entirely for reasons within the control of Notre Dame. For some reason I completely believe that Swarbrick's interview with the Observer was not simply the typical AD-speak to a reporter where he answers everything with predicable, almost canned responses. I really do believe he -- and everyone else at Notre Dame who matters -- IS satisfied with Kelly's record.


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