Michigan fired Hoke after 4 years
by serious (2014-12-28 11:29:23)
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  In reply to: Do you think that timing had nothing to do with it?  posted by BigNDfan

They saw an opportunity with Harbaugh on timing and they acted immediately by canning Hoke. Did they wait for more data points in year 5 like we did with Weis? No. Did they fire Hoke only because they had a better option waiting in the wings (like many ND fans want to do with Kelly)? No, they had seen enough of Hoke to draw a conclusion (as most sensible football people have with Kelly). And while they rolled the dice by firing Hoke, they had a plan. They've been patient but deliberate. They also have had the balls not to screw around with insulting contract offers like ND is prone to do.

This wasn't luck.


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