You are confusing 'hire" with actual performance
by Chuck84 (2014-12-29 22:11:26)
Edited on 2014-12-29 22:12:02

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so is 4Leaf, but I didn't have much hope for him anyway.

It is indisputably a good hire, which is what "cujays" is saying.

Of course, how Michigan actually does under him is not for sure. Most everyone --even those of us who hate Michigan with the heat of 200 suns -- acknowledges that they are going to be anywhere from pretty damned good to our worst forking nightmare.

But, again the hiring of Harbaugh has already brought back Michigan's faded stature. They're a big f***in thing again. Recruits know it and so do their rivals. It is already having an impact.

It sucks to high heaven, but those bastards hit one out of the park.