The SEC folks around here are pretty well shocked that ND
by tenndomer (2014-12-31 07:08:00)

In reply to: You're wrong. Not accepting a bowl is lose lose.  posted by Bill_brasky

beat a team from the mighty West. I fully expected an ass-whipping and dreaded the game. But, ND played a smart, physical game and won. It was a big win. Very big as far as perception goes and it will matter ongoing.
However, I was pretty stunned at Kelly's words in the ICON video and after the game when he pretty much threw Brindza under the bus for the season's collapse. It's his job to have his team mentally tough - it is what separates Meyer and Saban in my opinion. They are tough on their kids, but they don't destroy them as it appears Kelly does. i.e. Golson and Brindza.