Missed kicks
by fortune_smith (2014-12-31 09:39:20)
Edited on 2014-12-31 09:45:45

In reply to: The SEC folks around here are pretty well shocked that ND  posted by tenndomer

Given the well-documented snapping and holding problems we had, I'm surprised so many folks view BK's comment as targeted toward Brindza. I didn't interpret BK's comment that way at all.

And note Zaire mis-aligned the hold on the winning kick again yesterday -- laces facing the kicking foot.

But good, clutch kick. Terrific, nearly error-free, win with an excellent game plan. (Who would have foreseen zero turnovers and only two penalties after the timeout call before our first snap?) I can only interpret the win as an unambiguous positive. As others have noted, this should help close out a successful recruiting haul and set a very positive off-season tone for a youthful squad.

It's amusing that the huckleberries are in disbelief that we beat one of their West Division powers. Perhaps we're even good enough to stay on the field with that powerhouse tandem Ole Miss and Mississippi State, which are two of the most over-rated, over-bought teams I can recall.