He lucked into both Brey and Jackson
by Kayo (2017-03-16 10:25:51)

In reply to: He also hired Jeff Jackson.  posted by tdiddy07

All of the other candidates who were considered when Doherty was hired would have been candidates again, but all except Brey had a new job when Doherty left. Skip Prosser, for example, moved from Xavier to Wake Forest; and Paul Hewitt moved from Siena to Georgia Tech. They and Brey would have taken the ND job a year earlier.

Even with the obvious choice available and interested, White pursued Ernie Kent who, like many of Kevin White's "candidates," parlayed ND's interest into a contract extension. He also chased PJ Carlesimo. Ugh.

Then there is Jeff Jackson. He was in his first NHL gig, an assistant for the NY Islanders, working to become an NHL head coach. Then the NHL had a labor stoppage for the better part of two years. With no end to the lockout in sight, Jackson was available for a return to college.

White hired both coaches, but his other searches suggest that dumb luck played a bigger role in getting good people than his skill evaluating coaching prospects.