Michigan sucked
by GeronimoRumplestiltskin (2015-01-14 18:14:45)
Edited on 2015-01-14 18:15:40
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  In reply to: Who did what to end the Michigan series? *  posted by IRISH 1978

Michigan, from its very first dealings with ND, sucked. They sucked in the 19th century, they sucked up until 1908 when they backed out of the series after losing for the first time. They sucked as Rockne built an empire in their backyard. They sucked through the Depression, then sucked as they split two games with Leahy's Irish squads then canceled again, and then sucked for decades afterwards. They sucked through the resuming of the series in 1978, right up until the moment Brandon received the letter informing him that ND was done with UM and proceeded to whine because they didn't cancel first. They've continued to suck thereafter, and will continue to suck, regardless of who their head coach is, because - regardless of record - sucking is who Michigan was, is, and shall forever be.


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